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Biogas Energy was pleased to hear that the patent application filed by FPA Patent Attorneys Pty Ltd on behalf of NewSouth Innovations Pty Ltd protecting the discovery of the neutral red biogas enhancement phenomenon has been accepted. This protects discoveries made at UNSW Sydney under an Australian Research Council Linkage Project (LP100100128) co-funded by Biogas Energy as partner organisation, the largest such project awarded in 2009.

The patent application entitled Enhanced Biogas Production (2014202663) was accepted on 28 May 2018. The total number of claims at acceptance was 26 and notice of the acceptance appeared in the Australian Official Journal of Patents on 21 June 2018.

The patent covers the application of the crystalline form of redox active compounds (including phenazines) to the enhancement of biogas production from reduced organic substrates. Whilst originally developed in the context of enhanced coal seam gas production and extraction the technology is equally relevant in the anaerobic digestion of renewable organic feedstocks such as food waste, agricultural waste, wastewater treatment sludge waste etc.

Details of the patent application and applicant team including can be viewed on the Australian patent search database AusPat.