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Ecotox news

An extensive ecotoxicology study published online this week in the peer reviewed international journal Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety has revealed that the synthetic phenazine at the heart of Biogas Energy’s IP portfolio is unlikely to have any adverse environmental impacts when used to stimulate biogenic coal seam gas production. The study entitled Ecotoxicity of neutral red (dye) and its environmental applications published by Kastury et al tested the impact of neutral red in the well established MicrotoxTM assay and on an additional diverse array of bacteria revealing that the concentrations used in coal seam associated groundwater have no impact on growth or activity. There was also no impact on plant germination or root and shoot growth in agricultural (carrot, lettuce and onion) and Australian native (kangaroo grass) plant species. Ames tests, examining mutagenicity of the phenazine also indicated that the synthetic phenazine is unlikely to have any negative impact in the environment at concentrations that yield ten fold increases in biogenic gas production in situ.