Biogas Energy Technologies

Biogas Energy uses contemporary environmental biotechnologies to create and liberate natural gas from subsurface hydrocarbon deposits.

Our proprietary technologies stimulate existing microorganisms inhabiting coal deposits to accelerate the naturally occurring biological process of methane gas production from coal. By harnessing the catalytic power of complex microbial communities, energy resources from large untapped hydrocarbon deposits can be accessed.¬†As substantial as global coal resources are the vast majority of coal reserves are not economically viable to mine. Biogas Energy’s intellectual property portfolio including mixed cultures of microorganisms, nutrient formulations, hydrocarbon release technologies and bioelectrochemical amendments represents the key to generating natural gas from coal in real time in commercial quantities.




Biogas Energy and UNSW have developed a range of microbial cultures that can generate methane from coal de novo. These high value anaerobic mixed species cultures are thoroughly characterised with respect to community composition and activity and have been generated in large volumes.


Complex microbial communities in groundwater ecosystems have specific nutritional requirements. We have developed nutrient formulations to ensure in situ biomass increase and activity.


To maximise the transfer of energy from coal to biogas and limit the consumption of reducing equivalents by competing microbes such as sulphate reducers Biogas Energy have developed electrochemical amendments giving tenfold increases in gas yield.


Biogas Energy exploit amendments used in the bioremediation industry to increase the bioavailability of coal derived hydrocarbons. Successful field trials on bituminous coal prove such amendments can enhance the liberation of energy from coal.