Biogas Energy Researchers

Biogas Energy has benefitted from accessing highly acclaimed multidisciplinary experts at UNSW Sydney, Australia.

Biogas Energy has funded development of world class expertise in a range of fields related to biogas production from coal. The chief investigators, postdoctoral staff, research assistant, postgraduate and undergraduate students that Biogas Energy have supported at the University of New South Wales include some of the world’s most renowned microbiology research scientists and the best and brightest young talent available internationally. Biogas Energy harnessed talent from within Australia and internationally from the United States of America, China, Germany, Mexico, South-East Asia¬†and Sweden creating an intellectual powerhouse targeting development of clean energy from coal. this brought together expertise in environmental biotechnology, microbial ecology, analytical chemistry, bioinformatics, bioelectrochemistry and biogeochemistry shifting gears on coal microbiology pushing this applied research space far into the future. Biogas Energy regards this accrual of expertise as its most valuable asset.