Biogas Energy Laboratory Experience

Biogas Energy understand that cutting edge technology development springs from a solid fundamental understanding of science and engineering

Since 2009 a large scale laboratory program has explored a broad range of options for enhancing biogas production in situ, developing the detailed understanding of processes and limitations essential for commercial application. Microbial technologies generated from Biogas Energy’s laboratory program allow us to economically and sustainably create natural gas from coal types ranging from lignite to bituminous coal. From cell attachment, colonisation and biochemical modification of coal surfaces to acetogenesis and methanogenesis an intimate understanding of how microorganisms interact with and liberate energy from coal has been developed. Interactions between the diverse functional groups of microorganisms inhabiting subsurface hydrocarbon deposits have also been elucidated using cutting edge molecular microbial ecology approaches. This enables Biogas Energy to resolve competition between microbial community factions and focus this extraordinary catalytic capability on coal digestion and natural gas creation.



With almost ten years experience in culturing fastidious anaerobic microbes the Biogas research team are fully equipped to test and produce pure and mixed species cultures at any scale.


Using high throughput sequencing of DNA extracted from laboratory or environmental samples and cutting edge sequence analysis describing complex microbial communities is our bread and butter.


Analytical chemistry is at the heart of Biogas Energy’s mission. With in house GC and LC equipment and access to FTIR, NMR, MS, SEM and AFM at UNSW’s Analytical Centre Biogas Energy generate world class data sets.


Catalysing the conversion of coal to methane is a matter of electron transfer. Using potentiostat and electrochemical system technology and electron transfer mediators we have discovered novel methods for enhancing biogas production.