Biogas Energy Field Experience

Biogas Energy appreciates that the laboratory is a long way from field application.

Biogas Energy technologies conceived in the laboratory have been thoroughly tested at a field site in the Western Coal Fields of NSW, Australia custom designed and developed for this purpose. We have demonstrated the positive impact of nutrient amendments and hydrocarbon release compounds on subsurface biomass levels (microorganisms per unit volume) and methane production in a naturally gas free sub-bituminous coal seam submerged in sulphate rich groundwater. If conditions are naturally not suitable for the bioconversion of coal to methane gas or existing gas extraction activities have resulted in unsuitable conditions, our technology transforms the coal interstices which microorganisms inhabit to a haven for enhanced microbial activity. Biogas Energy reasonably believes that these approaches can utilise and extend the life of existing natural gas infrastructure thereby minimising the need for new drilling and land acquisition.


Biogas Energy and the team at UNSW have accrued valuable expertise in the field developing a suite of robust field protocols since 2010. These expertise include well construction and development, groundwater and headspace sampling regimes, groundwater monitoring procedures, introduction of chemical and biological amendments and fishing methods to extract equipment. The first round of field trials ran for 18 months enabling baseline data generation on nutrient and hydrocarbon release amendments. A second round of field trials commenced in May 2013 and will run for an additional 18 months. Biogas Energy conduct monthly field campaigns generating complete and impeccable field datasets over long periods of time. Contact us for an introduction to the science of methane creation from coal and a tour of our extensive field data sets.