Biogas Energy At a Glance

Biogas Energy seeks to extend the life of coal seam gas extraction wells by encouraging  the activity of naturally occurring methanogenic microbes.

Using cutting edge science in the laboratory and field Biogas Energy develop biotechnology for enhanced biogas production from the hardest of coal. The brainchild of Peter Francis and Glen Cunningham Biogas Energy pursues a vision of providing biologically produced methane gas to meet the ever increasing energy demands of human society. Biogas Energy appreciates the value of scientific research and has charted a course of discovery in coal biogeochemistry leading to a knowledge base without peer in the world. Not content with simply making things work Biogas Energy have invested in world-class research to generate an intricate understanding of the complex processes involved in the conversion of coal to clean natural gas. This solid foundation enables rapid conversion of bench scale proof of concept into real world field trial demonstrations of methane production in the most challenging of coal seams. Biogas Energy understands that future energy security depends on real time gas creation from subsurface hydrocarbon deposits.


Biogas Energy is an Australian company, pursuing a vision of creating clean energy from coal. Approximately 90% of Australia’s coal resources are uneconomical to access using traditional mining technologies. This represents an enormous untapped energy resource for use domestically and for export during the transition to a renewable energy future. Accelerating the conversion of coal to methane in situ through rational manipulation of subsurface microbiology is the key to energy security and independence for Australia.

Long term collaboration with UNSW

Biogas Energy approached UNSW Chancellor David Gonski to initiate a collaboration with the University of NSW early 2009. This contact resulted in UNSW being awarded the largest Australian Research Council Linkage Grant across the nation for 2009. The laboratory research program had been initiated and the field site identified before the year was out. The first three years of the collaboration have been fruitful beyond expectation with both parties fully committed and major contributions to the project coming from both sides. Biogas Energy hopes to continue working with UNSW into the future, adding value to the existing IP portfolio and building up scientific expertise in coal biodegradation and gas production. UNSW prides itself on the impact of its research in society and looks forward to building a long term collaboration with Biogas Energy.


Formed in 2006, Biogas Energy is privately owned and funded by family interests associated with its directors Peter Francis and Glen Cunningham. The two directors each have over 30 years senior management experience in the  project development, construction, operation and maintenance of projects in the Australian oil and gas, petrochemical and power industries.